International Students to Canada - Plan Overview

Ideal for international students to Canada who:

  • Are registered full-time in a Canadian school, college, university or accredited educational institution
  • Are temporary residents of Canada without any government health care coverage
  • Have completed their studies and remain in Canada up to a year afterwards to work in the field of their studies
  • Would like coverage under their policy for their spouse and dependents living with them

Features and benefits

  • Affordable all-in-one hospital, medical and extended health care solution
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions is available under the Standard + 90 days stable pre-ex Option
  • Costs incurred outside of Canada are covered provided the majority of the period of coverage is spent in Canada
  • Trips to the United States are limited to 30 days per period of coverage

Why buy International Students to Canada travel insurance?

While studying in Canada, government health care plans might not be available to you. And we know that health care costs can be expensive if you’re not covered under a Canadian government health insurance plan. An International Students to Canada Travel insurance policy can help you stay protected and safeguard your finances
If an unexpected medical emergency should happen, know that you’re protected with International Students to Canada travel Medical insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is student insurance?
Student Insurance is intended to cover emergency health and medical expenses, and financial and other losses incurred while you visiting Canada.
What are my coverage options?
You can choose between a "Standard" and "Standard + 90 days stable pre-ex" Options.
I want to stay longer. Can I buy more coverage?
Yes, you can extand your student insurance, subject to policy terms and conditions. Ideally, you should call us (during business hours) prior to the expiry of your policy so that you will have continuous coverage. You must be in good health and not have incurred any losses with AGA.
What do I do with my wallet card?
Please carry it with you at all times – it is an important part of your insurance coverage. If you require medical attention, please call the Emergency Assistance Hotline number on your wallet card. If you are not able to call, please present your card at the medical facility so that billing arrangements with Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) can be made.
Am I covered for travel outside of Canada?
Yes, provided the majority of your period of coverage is spent in Canada. Expenses incurred in your country of origin will not be covered. In addition, trips to the United States are limited to 30 days per period of coverage.
Can I buy coverage for my family?
Yes, Students to Canada insurance is available for your spouse and/or any unmarried children age 15 days to 21 years living with you.
Can I buy coverage after I have arrived in Canada?
Yes, you can buy coverage anytime before or after you arrive in Canada. If you do buy coverage after you arrive in Canada, a 48 hour waiting period will apply.